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Tel: 0117 907 2956

Welcome to The Climbing Academy Bristol

Welcome to The Climbing Academy, Bristol’s dedicated bouldering centre.

What is bouldering?
Over recent years, rock climbing has grown to the point where it is now seen as a mainstream sport, and its top ambassadors regularly appear in the national press. Bouldering is a branch of rock climbing, performed at low level, usually above crash mats, and without the hindrance of equipment normally associated with climbing. This allows the participant to fully focus on the techniques and movements without risk of injury and makes it easier for those wishing to climb to gain a safe entry into the activity. The recent bouldering phenomenon has led to the creation of indoor boulder-specific climbing walls which provides year round participation for this growing sport.

Who boulders?
Boulderers come from all walks of life. The art of climbing is a normal activity for most humans from a very early age – kids love climbing trees, rocks, walls and indeed almost anything that can, will be climbed. Unfortunately as most of us grow older, our participation, in what was once a natural desire, is often removed by the needs and habits of our society. When re-acquainted with this natural process, it brings many benefits, both mental, physical and social. Climbing in one form or another is practiced by both the young and old and there is no one perfect body shape to limit a participant’s enjoyment.

The benefits
Bouldering brings many benefits to those who partake in this activity, both seen (physical conditioning) and unseen (positive mental health), and through the camaraderie of interaction with others. It is one of the few activities that truly crosses all barriers and wholeheartedly engages those within its fold.

is a total body exercise works both anaerobic and aerobic systems 
causes increases in strength, agility, endurance and flexibility, balance, eye and body co-ordination
causes an increase of muscle tone and promotes better dietary habits and lifestyle choices
focuses the mind and allows people internal escape from their everyday stresses
promotes positive mental, emotional and social health
creates a network of like minded individuals
provides experiential (hands on) learning
causes attainable goal-setting
empowers participants to reach beyond their personal limits
causes decision making involving risk and courage
promotes awareness and preservation of the natural environment
builds confidence, and self esteem
is fun – it makes people smile and feel good
How to get started
If you are new to bouldering then the easiest way to enter the activity safely is via one of our frequent induction sessions. Alternatively, you can be brought to the centre by experienced friends, who can look after you until such time as you are competent to become a registered member yourself. Kids can started through our Taster sessions and progressive Boulder Club


Tasters for adults and children aged 8+
If you have never climbed before, or you just want to come down and get a feel for bouldering, then this is the sessiosn for you! Please click here to read more about bouldering.

Taster sessions are a great way to climb as an individual, with friends, or as a family. We provide you with one of our trained instructors who will take you through the safety aspects of bouldering, and then be your guide to the centre during your visit. You will get to experience everything that TCA has to offer, and hopefully get a taste of the climbing bug!
Adult Induction
Adult Induction sessions are obligatory for those who are 18 years and over, who have not climbed before, and wish to use The Climbing Academy bouldering facilities unsupervised. In this session, one of our qualified instructors will teach you how to use our centre safely and you’ll get plenty of time on the wall finding out why bouldering is such a fun activity. TCA Membership is included along with climbing shoe hire, an induction handbook, our goodie bag and a free cup of tea. Once the induction course is complete, you will be able to use the centre unsupervised whenever you wish, and you will also be able to sign-in and supervise your own guests.

Movement and Technique
The art of effortless climbing is something to which we all aspire. With our Movement and Technique session, our experienced coaches will show you ways in which to position your body enabling you to climb with the minimum of effort, taking weight from your arms and distributing it to your feet. This knowledge is essential for the development of both boulderers and rope-climbers alike. We keep the maximum group size to 4 so that everyone gets the most learing time out of the session. For new, inexperienced or un-coached climbers, this is the single easiest way to improve technique in a very short space of time – probably the best 90 minutes you will ever invest in your climbing...

Family Induction
Family Induction sessions are for up to 2 adults and 2 juniors and a great way for the family to safely learn about the sport of bouldering together, in a fun and informative way. Membership is included, along with climbing shoe hire and our induction handbook.

Youth Bouldering
There are many ways for youngsters to access bouldering at TCA!

We support schools, and run a SouthWest Schools Bouldering League, and you can book a private group session here for a birthday party. We also run our own Boulder Club, through which children from the age of 8 can progress to climbing at a national level... why not come down for a Taster session?

Opening Hours
Bank Holiday Opening Hours - as normal:
10am to 10pm weekdays.
10am to 6pm on the weekends