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Lower Clifton Hill

Goldney House house was built in 1724, is a listed building and occupies a hilltop position overlooking the city of Bristol and Brandon Hill. The landscape garden is used for weddings and receptions.

Gardens and grounds

The historic English Landscape Garden style grounds, designed by Thomas Goldney III, include an orangery, gothic tower and grotto. The Goldney Hall gardens encompass a 10-acre site and are known for their follies.


The Grotto at Goldney House is Shell lined highly decorated grotto, in Clifton, Bristol, England,located in the grounds of Goldney Hall ,the Grotto is open to the public during the annual Hall open day and to students at various points through the academic year.
Built between 1737 and 1764 (dated 1739) and has been designated by English Heritage as a grade I listed building. It is decorated inside with shells, quartz and rock crystal and inside is a pillared hall with fountains, rock pool, statue of Neptune and a Lion’s Den. In 1762-5 Thomas Paty was employed in "grinding, gooping and laying" tiles for the Grotto.[20]