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Tel: 01179 291759
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Locked In a Room
Live Escape Experience
Building 11, Explore Lane,
Harbourside, Bristol,

Tel: 01179 291759
Locked in a Room Bristol 
Follow us _on FacebookLocked In A Room is Bristol’s largest escape game experience located in the heart of the city on Millennium Square. You have 60 minutes to solve a series of tests, puzzles and clues that, combined with teamwork, will allow the unlocking of the room’s mystery and hopefully a successful escape. You’ll be challenged you every step of the way, creating an unforgettable experience.
Follow us _on TwitterWith a maximum capacity of up to 72 simultaneous players and 12 different rooms over 6 unique themes, Locked In A Room promises the highest level of professional escapism to date for any sized party.
Follow us _on Instagram8 Heavily themed escape rooms allow up to 48 players to compete simultaneously
You have 60 minutes to escape a locked room escape the room by solving puzzles and discovering clues
Located in the heart of Bristol’s  Millennium Square surrounded by harboursides restaurants and bar
Stunning props and theming for a completely immersive effectIdentical rooms for the perfect multi-escape experience
Battle your wits against up to 11 other teams in a race to win
Be sure to keep your eyes on all of Locked In A Room’s social media feeds to keep up to date with competitions, events and news.
Locked in a Room Bristol