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Tel: 01278 751517
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Coast Road,
Brean Sands,

Tel: 01278 751517

Brean Theme Park
For top value family fun, make your way to Brean ThemePark the UK’s largest FREE admission theme park. With over 40 rides and attractions Brean Theme Park offers a great day out for all the family

Home of Sooty
Did you know the hit CITV series is filmed here at Brean Theme Park?

You can see Sooty, Sweep and Soo in their own stage show every day - FREE! You can also visit Sooty’s TV Studio and see the miniature sets and props as well as Sooty memorabilia from the last 65 years! Meet CITV stars Richard Cadell and Sooty here on selected dates throughout the School Holidays.
Brean Theme Park

Brean Theme Park is a free admission Park, therefore you only pay if you ride. There are two options; you may either purchase one of our three types of wristbands (dependant on height) which will entitle you to ride as many of the rides included in your chosen wristband as many times as you wish. Or if you would like to ride on a select few of the rides, tokens are also available to be spent on a Pay As You Go basis. The 2 Day band is for two visits, the second of which must be used within three days of the first. Therefore if your first visit is on a Sunday, the second visit must be on either the Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday immediately after.  Please remember to keep your Return Visit voucher safe, as you’ll need it for presenting at the token booth for your second visit.
Go-Karts £5 Single Car | £6 twin car | Driver 1.4m | Passenger 1.0m

Congo Adventure Golf £5 per person | No height restrictions

Caterpillar 3 Tokens | 0.9m

Pony Express 2 Tokens | 0.8m

Looney Tunes 2 Tokens | 0.8m

Farm Train 2 Tokens | 0.8m


Tramolines 3 Tokens | min 0.8m | max 1.4m

Flying Chairs 2 Tokens | min 0.8m | max 1.4m

Lighthouse Boats 2 Tokens | min 0.8m | max 1.4m

Cups & Saucers 2 Tokens | min 0.8m | max 1.4m

Inflatable Slide 2 Tokens | min 0.8m | max 1.4m

Fantasia 2 Tokens | min 0.8m | max 1.4m

Bumpy Slide 2 Tokens | min 0.8m | max 1.4m

Canoe River 2 Tokens | min 0.8m | max 1.4m

Ultimate 3 Tokens | 1.1m

Crazy Boats 3 Tokens | 1.1m

Wave Swinger 3 Tokens | 1.1m

Area 51 3 Tokens | 1.0m

Sizzler 3 Tokens | 1.0m

Terror Castle 3 Tokens | 1.0m

Sky Diver 2 Tokens | 1.1m

Dodgems Passenger Wristband required | 1.0m

Air Maxx 4 Tokens | 1.4m

X-Treme 4 Tokens | 1.4m

Astro Storm 4 Tokens | 1.2m

WipeOut 4 Tokens | 1.2m

Crazy Loop 4 Tokens | 1.2m

Wild Water 4 Tokens | 1.2m

Magic Mouse 4 Tokens | 1.2m

JetSpin 3 Tokens | 1.2m

Disco Fever 3 Tokens | 1.2m

X-Factory 3 Tokens | 1.2m

Dodgems Car 3 Tokens | 1.2m 

Plenty of places to eat and drink
With all the excitement that a day out at family favourite Brean Theme Park brings, you’ll need to recharge your batteries. From a full meal to a simple snack and coffee, you’ll find plenty of choice including burgers and hotdogs, plated food specials and tempting doughnuts. There really is something for everyone at Brean Theme Park.
Brean Theme Park