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Tel: 0117 953 2055
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Quaker Meeting House
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Tel: 0117 953 2055

Dance Voice 
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Dance Voice believes in bringing value, meaning and purpose to people’s lives through the experience of movement, emotion and creative expression.

Follow us _on TwitterDance Voice is a Dance Movement Psychotherapy (DMP) charity working with some of the most marginalised members of the community. Based in Bristol, Dance Voice is one of the UK’s leading centres dedicated to community-based creative arts therapy. It is also an established professional education centre in dance movement psychotherapy.DMP is one of the creative arts-based therapies, founded on the principle that movement reflects a person’s pattern of thinking and feeling. The process uses movement and dance to facilitate emotional, physical, social, mental, and spiritual well-being. Moreover, Dance Movement Psychotherapy is a recognised profession, regulated by a national body: the Association of Dance Movement Psychotherapy UK (ADMPUK).

DMP is suited to all ages and abilities, its non-verbal creative approach allows for individual expression to emerge and for all voices to be heard. We pride ourselves on the ability to engage people whatever their story, however they communicate, to be alongside them listening and responding to their self-expression, allowing space for connection, reflection, growth and personal understanding.Dance Voice has a skilled and experienced team of DMP’s who facilitate DMP sessions on and off sight, in groups and 1:1 and provide clinical supervision.
Dance VoiceOur Dance Transforms Lives
Registered Charity number: 1054109
Company number: 3140475 
Dance Voice