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Tel: 0303 4444 999
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County Gates
Ashton Road

Tel: 0303 4444 999

Follow us _on FacebookThe Great Western Air Ambulance Charity team are on standby 365 days of the year to attend emergencies across Bristol, Bath & NE Somerset, Gloucestershire, North Somerset, South Gloucestershire and parts of Wiltshire. We are one of the busiest air ambulance services in the UK, with 2016 being our busiest ever year so far. On average, we are called to 4 - 5 incidents every single day. This is the team that attends those incidents.

Follow us _on TwitterWe provide emergency care to people who are in a state so critical that they require the specialist skills of our team at the scene of the accident or medical incident. Though we are part of the regional 999 response service and work closely with NHS hospitals, we are a charity entirely funded by local people just like you.

GWAAC saves lives across Bristol, Bath and North East Somerset, South Gloucestershire, Gloucestershire, North Somerset and surrounding areas.

Without you, we couldn’t do it. It’s your support that allow us to keep the air ambulance going, so our team can keep saving lives.
Great Western Air Ambulance Charity 

How we work

We don’t simply fly people to the nearest hospital. Our priority is to get to the patient fast. We treat people at the scene, on the road and in the air, providing complex interventions to stablise and treat the patient and give them the best chance of a positive outcome. The service we provide is reliant on our brilliant team of pilots, specialist paramedics and doctors who specialise in pre-hospital care.

Within five minutes of a call to the GWAAC base, our team can take off or hit the road and be on their way.

We work to the Gold Standard Critical Care Model, which means we rush a Critical Care Paramedic and Critical Care Doctor straight to the scene. We can arrive anywhere in our region no more that 20 minutes later. From emergency cesareans to roadside amputations to treating cardiac arrests, it’s the skill and dedication of our team that means one patient in five – a patient otherwise expected to die – survives.
Great Western Air Ambulance Charity team 

We can only operate with your help

GWAAC saves lives across Bristol, Bath and North East Somerset, South Gloucestershire, Gloucestershire, North Somerset and parts of Wiltshire. Many of our highly skilled team are volunteers who give up their precious time to help save people in their local community.

It’s yours. It’s a charity. Keep it flying!

But without you, none of this could happen. It’s your donations that allow us to fund our clinical team and keep the ambulance in the air, so our team can keep saving lives. We receive no day to day government funding and rely on your support.

Visit our website to find out more about our work and how you can help.
Great Western Air Ambulance Charity team