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Tel: 01275 540173

HorseWorld is a charity dedicated to saving the lives of abandoned, neglected and mistreated horses, ponies and donkeys.

The organisation cares for more than 100 horses, ponies and donkeys at its Bristol site and provides after-care and support for around 300 more, who have been re-homed throughout the South-West.

The charity also runs the innovative Discovery educational programme. HorseWorld’s vital 365-days-a-year animal welfare work is funded by voluntary donations.

You can help transform the lives of horses, ponies and donkeys. HorseWorld is not open to the public on a day-to-day basis but it holds Open Days throughout the year. Please see the events page for details.
HorseWorld’s Registered Charity number is 1121920
The charity began life in 1952 as "The Friends of Bristol Horses Society" in a campaign to save the lives of working horses who were rapidly being replaced by motorised vehicles in industry.

Under the banner of “Retirement Not Slaughter” - for many were destined for the abattoir - the charity offered a safe haven in Bristol for the big-hearted horses, ponies and donkeys that had worked all their lives on the railways, in the dockyards, the coal mines, the roads and for the armed forces.
Decades later working horses are largely a memory of the past. But there is still a very real demand for this work - to rescue, rehabilitate and re-home up to 100 abandoned, neglected and mistreated horses every year.


HorseWorld rescues neglected, mistreated and abandoned horses, ponies and donkeys, saving the lives of up to 100 animals every year.

Horses just like Buddy who came to HorseWorld in such an appalling condition it was a miracle he survived. He needed six blood transfusions and a drip before he could be lifted to his feet. For the first three weeks, he had to be lifted up every two hours day and night. He hasn’t given up fighting for his young life and neither will we. There are many more like him that will continue to need our help.

Rescued horses and ponies have often suffered neglect or abuse and many show signs of psychological or physical trauma.

Each animal needs an individual programme of rehabilitation which often includes veterinary care, dentistry and farriery as well as handling and training to improve their chances of eventually being re-homed.

New arrivals at HorseWorld are isolated for three weeks before work begins to assess each animal’s state of fitness and individual needs.

Expert staff then begin training, working to improve fitness and behavioural issues in partnership with vets, chiropractors and dentists.

HorseWorld’s Strengthening and Retraining programme aims to bring each horse to the peak of fitness that it can achieve. In rare straightforward cases this might take three months, but between six months to two years is more common.

In some cases, horses will have suffered such problems that they will have to remain at HorseWorld for the rest of their lives.
HorseWorld has horses and ponies of all shapes and sizes in need of new, loving homes - either to be ridden or to be re-homed as companion animals. For a full list click here.

Once a horse or pony has been fully rehabilitated and are ready to be re-homed, their details are added to an on-line database where prospective Loaners are able to submit an application for their preferred animal.

Prospective Loaners are invited to HorseWorld to meet the horse or pony, so that the Re-homing Team can assess their equine ability and experience and ensure that they will be a perfect match.

Support Us
HorseWorld’s vital 365-days-a-year animal welfare work relies on the support received from individual volunteers and supporters, businesses and others.

Without this crucial support, the charity’s rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming work could not be as successful as it is today. It receives no help from central government, so your help is essential.

Discovery Courses
Some of the proudest work at HorseWorld has been in pioneering Discovery Courses. The calming, steadying influence of working with and caring for horses has long been recognised. Discovery Courses can help young people with self-growth, confidence and concentration issues - and of course the horses love the attention too!

Discovery courses take place in the practical working equine environment at HorseWorld Welfare Yard, Whitchurch, just to the south of Bristol, and close to Bath.

Sessions are held every weekday during term-time, and we can also accommodate courses during school holidays.

Each course is made up of six weekly sessions of 90 minutes each (we recommend 60 minutes for primary schools). A typical group size is ideally six to eight, but we can accommodate up to 13 students per course in certain circumstances.

Individual sessions are also available for young people taking the first steps back into mainstream education, those initially unable to function within a larger group, and those whose best interests are supported by one to one learning. There is no age barrier on individual sessions and parents, carers and mentors are welcome to join in.

Adopt a Horse
HorseWorld’s Animal Adoption scheme is a fantastic way of contributing to the work of the charity, and you could have a new best friend for life!

An adoption Gift Pack costs just £15 per year, which goes towards the continuing care of all the horses, ponies, donkeys and other animals at HorseWorld.