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Tel: 0117 9540020
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Kilburn Court
3 Owen Street

Tel: 0117 9540020
What YMGT can offer you

Are you a single woman aged between 16 and 25?

Pregnant or with one child under the age of 5?

Homeless or threatened with homelessness?

Young Mothers Group Trust shared supported housing can help you.

The Young Mothers Group Trust (YMGT) provides safe, secure, supported accommodation for young mothers and young mothers-to-be between the ages of sixteen and twenty-five in nineteen flats at Kilburn Court and Henleaze Court in Bristol. We continue to increase public understanding and challenge the stereotypes of young mothers today.

Each Young mum has her own furnished bedsitting room with a kitchen and small separate area for her child. The shared areas are the laundry room, communal room for events, meetings and information sessions, and a play room. Kilburn Court and Henleaze Court have CCTV installed. We have lovely garden areas and are very close to all amenities.

The Young Mothers Group Trust also has a block of six, 2-bed units in Easton (one of which is wheelchair adapted). We currently provide carpeting, fridge and cooker in these flats and are slowly adding bedroom furniture and dining furniture as funds allow.

Each young mum draws up a support plan with her support worker which may include finding permanent housing, looking at training courses or even learning to drive. She then regularly meets with her support worker (about twice a month) to look at progress and seek any further advice that may be needed. Staff are always available Monday to Friday for any assistance.

The majority of the housing that the Young Mothers Group Trust provides would be considered as temporary. However, some mums are still with us after fifteen months. Support is offered from the Housing Support Workers to actively assist individuals when they more on.

Although each mum is responsible for her own child, staff are able to offer some support with sorting out benefits, finding out about local activities, etc.

You can apply for a place at Kilburn Court or Henleaze Court either by: visiting Bristol City Council’s Homelessness Department, asking a youth worker, social worker, health visitor or probation officer to make contact on your behalf or, in exceptional circumstances, referrals can be made via Bristol City Council’s Social Services Department.

Whilst living in the Housing Project, mums will:
  • sign up to a support plan and house rules and agree to meet with their Housing Support Worker on a regular basis
  • meet other mums in the same situation, make new friends and share experiences;
  • share trips/activities, attend house meetings and group sessions on topical issues;
  • get advice, information and support;
  • access training, employment and other social activities;
  • plan ahead for when they move into their new home.