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Tel: 0117 9777218
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254 Wells Road,

Tel: 0117 9777218
Cleve House School
Follow us _on FacebookCleve House School is a forward-thinking school with traditional values, a place where academic excellence flourishes alongside creativity and great fun. We believe that learning should be fun and thoroughly enjoyable. Every child is different and the curriculum and learning environment allows for this, as finding the learning techniques that are appropriate for each pupil is essential.

In addition to a wide and rewarding curriculum children at Cleve House are encouraged to try new things, relish a challenge and be proud to be part of a team. Every child is provided with every opportunity to fulfil their potential.

Our dedicated and committed team works hard to create a supportive and nurturing environment for all, a family environment. For us Cleve House is more than just a school. For over 75 years it has been a vibrant, exciting place where curiosity has always been encouraged. A school where uniqueness and creativity is valued.
Cleve House School 

We are very proud of our school and would welcome the opportunity to show you around and give you the chance to meet the staff and children. We would like you to experience what a special place Cleve House is first hand and to see the children’s enthusiasm for learning and their pride in their school.

To arrange a personal visit or a taster day for your child please contact the office on 0117 9777218.

Cleve House School aims to create a happy and stimulating environment in which pupils can reach their full potential

We aim to:

– foster a positive and enquiring attitude to learning

– provide a broad, balanced, relevant and differentiated curriculum

– equip all children with the essential tools of resilience and confidence

– protect and safeguard children from emotional and physical harm

– recognise and respect diverse cultures and religions

– nurture and sustain a positive partnership between home, school and child

– We would like our children to enjoy school and leave with happy memories.
Cleve House School 

All children at Cleve House benefit from a varied and exciting curriculum.

Numeracy and Literacy form the basis of the daily timetable. Both of these subjects use a wide range of activities and teaching techniques to ensure the interest and enthusiasm of the children is maintained and with excellent results.

In addition to Literacy and Numeracy the children enjoy Science, History, Geography, RE, French, PSHE, Art, Design and Technology, PE, Games, Swimming, Music and Computing (ICT).

To support the broad curriculum children benefit from educational trips to museums, theatres, local attractions including Bristol Zoo, places of interest and events e.g. Bath Literacy Festival. In Key Stage 2 children have the opportunity to go on a residential trip with their friends and classmates.

Throughout a child’s time at Cleve House School you will receive regular reports and parents evenings to enable you to monitor your child’s progress and support their learning. Cleve House maintains an ‘open door’ policy where parents are always welcome to come in and discuss any concerns or questions they may have.

The educational philosophy of Cleve House is very much one of partnership between school, children and parents. This tried and tested approach to childrens’ education achieves excellent results.
 Cleeve House School

The Nursery
At Little Cleve Nursery we take great care to welcome each child and help them settle in. There is a wonderful family atmosphere as well as a great sense of fun which is provided by the conscientious, creative and caring staff of both the Nursery and Main school, who all work well together as a team.

Children can join the Ladybird group at 2 years old moving onto the Butterfly group between 3-4 years old. The whole of the Early Years department work closely together enabling smooth transitions between the groups.

In the Nursery the children are given opportunities during the day to express themselves through art, music, movement, language and role play. We explore a variety of different themes each term to reflect the children’s interest and to encourage learning, providing structured play activities to expand knowledge, early literacy and number skills.

Our children learn through a combination of purposeful play, adult lead instruction and their own investigation. Each child is unique and at Little Cleve Nursery we nurture and respect this.
 Cleeve School

We value the equal importance of the learning that takes place both inside and outside the classroom. We have a secure outside playground and enjoy regular walks to the nearby park, as well as enjoying organised trips and fun days.

We are fortunate to have access to the wider community of the Main School and its facilities such as the hall, library, music room and sports equipment and we are very much a part of Cleve House School events. We are often invited to attend the class assemblies and we join in with school social events, such as the Halloween disco, and other fund raising opportunities.

Little Cleve Nursery recognises the importance of working in partnership with parents. There are regular opportunities for parents to discuss their child’s progress and to talk about any concerns they may have, no matter how minor.

The aim of our nursery is to create a fun-filled happy, caring and stimulating environment where the children are encouraged to explore, investigate and learn to communicate about their discoveries and the world around them.

This builds a solid foundation of social skills and a love of learning which in turn will enable the children to move confidently into the Reception class.
Cleve House School