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The Richmond Building,
105 Queens Road,

Tel: 0117 331 8600

Follow us _on FacebookOne of Bristol’s best loved venues, the Anson Rooms has played host to an impressive roster of high profile acts in its 50 year history, including David Bowie, Radiohead, Blur, Foals, Pulp, The Smiths and Coldplay.

Follow us _on TwitterWith a capacity of 1,100 the Anson Rooms is one of the largest gig venues in Bristol, and the flagship venue for Bristol SU Live.

Bristol SU Live is central to the experience of Bristol University’s 22,000 students, thanks to its location within Bristol Students’ Union. Following a multi-million revamp in 2015, the Anson Rooms is in a better place than ever to play its part in Bristol culture for students and locals alike.

With venues including the Anson Rooms, Winston Theatre and Pegg Theatre, Bristol SU Live hosts a range of music, comedy, theatre and speaker events which are open to students and the public.

Bristol SU Live also offers a wide range of affordable spaces for a variety of event needs. The building offers a concert venue in the Anson Rooms, two theatres, exhibition space, two fully functioning bars and activity rooms. It is a unique facility within the city offering a wide range of spaces to meet the needs of any event.