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Tel: 0117 966 7502
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58 Leinster Avenue

Tel: 0117 966 7502

Find us _on FacebookJack’s Barber shop started over 15 years ago and quickly has become a popular location in the heart of Knowle, in Bristol.

Jack prides himself in keeping things simple and giving the customer exactly what they want, a clean cut, a little good conversation and a fair good price.

Come and try us, we are all about quality, customer service and warmth. We want to make your hair cut something to look forward to.

You can just pop along in with no appointment and we will take care of you professionally.

A Barber shop where you are all welcome, allowing men to relax and recharge!

We also offer high quality hair and beard products that make the difference. We sell our exclusive “Bearded Weirdo” Brand, We are also stockists for Top Brands such as HairBond Jack the LAD.

Feel free to look at all our product listings on eBay. (kW jacks barbershop).