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Tel: 078111 08587
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West Country Water Park
Trench Lane
Bradley Stoke
BS36 1RY

Tel: 078111 08587
West Country Military Assault Course

Follow us _on FacebookWest Country Military Assault Course is a purpose built training facility in stunning surroundings. It has been specifically designed to correspond with our extremely popular Triathlon Training Centre .

If you are new to fitness, don’t worry, the course and our classes are able to cater for all fitness levels. Starting at low fitness level, we will help you build and develop your fitness with you.

If you are already highly fit we can help you find new ways to push yourself so you become even fitter, stronger and faster.
West Country Military Assault Course  

As today’s issue is keeping fit, our courses cater for the unfit to the superfit, including corporate entertainment, affiliated clubs and individuals. The courses will be tough and controlled by ex-army PTI instructors.

The course is designed and graded for all levels of fitness.

There are at least 36 obstacles, some easy, some extreme, with others to follow , all new and designed by the owner.

There will be 1-4 different courses and colour coded as you progress through the programs. Each client will supply their own kit and sign a strict disclaimer.

The obstacles can be seen on FaceBook and will include lots of running, water, lifting weights etc.
West Country Military Assault Course  

Our aim is to provide you with a training ground that is safe, challenging and to get you the results you want to achieve. We help you decide on your area of training where you can work on your areas of weakness and build it into strengths and to develop your confidence. You will also develop your own techniques on how to climb ropes, jump walls, vault and improve on your physical mobility and endurance.

Our obstacles are aimed to be tough but fun (ages 16 and up).

You can contact me, Mike, on M: 078111 08587 or email to put you on the list for further info.

The West Country Military Assault Course is set in a beautiful rural area. Due to it’s unique superb position, it is probably set in one of the best locations in the country, situated in the ‘V’ of the M4 and M5 motorways. This position attracts clients from all directions: South Wales, Cheltenham, Swindon and the South West.
West Country Military Assault Course  
West Country Military Assault Course  
West Country Military Assault Course