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Marchants Hill
Gurney Slade

Tel: 07725 471901

Marchants Hill Caravan Storage

Caravan Storage Site Owners’ Association celebrates ten years’ combating caravan theft

  • CaSSOA approved storage sites are more secure.
  • Security helps reduce crime.
  • Therefore CaSSOA approved storage sites help to reduce crime.

The aims of CaSSOA are:
  • To act as a nationally recognised body providing an official register of safe and secure storage sites.
  • To help site owners improve their security and services, to prevent caravan crime.
  • To provide a strong lobbying voice to influence the views of people who make a difference in caravanning.
  • To reassure caravan owner’s they can be confident that every CaSSOA site has taken reasonable measures to protect the stored caravans.

Whenever and wherever the issue of crime is discussed, almost without exception one of the responses will be "if they want to get in they will" this negative attitude is a tacit admission of defeat, and does little to deter crime.

At CaSSOA the ethos is in stark contrast, and is summarised as follows: "If you want to keep them out you can". It would be naïve to believe it is as simple as that, but this positive approach is more likely to be effective in reducing crime. By denying any would be thief access to the target caravan. This positive approach is more likely to deter crime, and create a more secure storage environment, in the best interests of all.