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Cup Cake Decorating

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As we all entered the clock tower on Saturday afternoon we were greeted by not only the fresh inviting aroma of icing sugar and cake but also the smiling face of Rachel who would be holding our class. Surrounding Rachel, a semi circle of tables covered in pink polka dot table cloths, rose printed aprons and an array of equipment to make the perfect cake decorations. There were ten people at the class, Rachel had prepared the
cakes before the class so there wasn’t any cooking needed. We each had six beautifully uniform flat top cupcakes and Rachel let us into a little secret of making the perfect cupcake, a bowl of water in the oven with the cupcakes to keep the moisture in.

First of all we were given purple dye so as the white icing could be colored. We rolled the icing out and using a PME margarita cutter we cut out butterfly shapes and daisy shapes then they were placed in an egg holding tray so they would dry hard so we could use them later. We used an intricate silicone mold to create a dragonfly with precise detail which would later be used for decoration.

We then used butter icing to cover the tops of the cakes, two domed, two with cream coloured butter icing and two with green. We then rolled out cream coloured flour icing and embossed this with a plastic embossing sheet. It was then cut out to size and covered one of the cakes with the domed top. We mixed a small amount of red food colouring into another piece of icing and rolled that out using a tool to make crossed stitch lines. In all we decorated six cup cakes in varying designs, using the flowers and butterflies we made earlier. We made toadstools and sat butterflies on the top of two of the cakes, after using green butter cream fashioned as grass. To add vintage chic a stitching wheel was used, the effects of this tool can be seen clearly on Rachel’s wedding cake designs as it adds beautiful vintage texture. One of the more tricky decorations was the rose. The delicately rolled icing was cut into a daisy shape with the petals individually cut out, the rose was the built up gradually by folding the petals around a cone which is placed in the middle of the flower, the edged of the petals are then opened slightly to give the rose bud effect. It is then left to dry and harden.

Along with cake decorating classes on a Saturday Rachel also host’s hen parties in which the theme of the decorations can be chosen by the hens and anything goes! Rachel’s custom cakes can be designed down to the smallest detail to the customers taste. So if you are in need of a wedding cake, hen party idea’s or just want to brush up on your cupcake decorating skills then book yourself in with Rachel, you will not regret it.

The class that I attended was fantastic, I felt as if I really learnt about the craft and the correct equipment and procedures to use. The class caters for beginners right through to experts
March 2014 

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