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Go Ape!

Established five years ago by Tristram and Rebecca Mayhew, Go Ape High Wire Forest Adventure courses are not for the faint-hearted. Located in 12 forests across the UK, the closest course to Bristol is in the Forest of Dean, and attracts families with children aged ten and up, thrill-seekers and anyone who want to see the forest by swooping through the trees. The setting is gloriously green and peaceful, apart from the occasional screech as a participant flies by on a zip wire.

After a training session, my sister and I were released into the wild, clambering up rope ladders and wobbling our way across various obstacles. The emphasis was on safety, with frequent signs reminding us to stay attached to security lines at all times or risk falling to the forest floor far below. Each obstacle was marked with its status (easy, moderate, difficult, or extreme), with moderate options available whenever we reached a difficult or extreme route. The sense of achievement that followed each challenge was immense, and though we knew we’d have aching muscles the next day, we enjoyed testing our strength and resourcefulness to the limit. After almost three hours we reached the end of the course after and were rewarded with the longest, most exhilarating zip wire of all. Highlights included the tarzan swing, which provided a sense of swinging through the jungle into a net that I could only cling to until I’d regained enough energy to haul myself up onto the next platform. The course seemed more strenuous than the website portrays, but that may be because we chose to tackle the most difficult routes on offer.

Whether you’re seeking a teambuilding activity, an unusual birthday celebration, or simply a chance to challenge yourself, Go Ape is ideal. We’re already looking for an excuse to return, just as soon as our muscles recover!

Participating costs £25 for adults and £20 for children aged ten to 17.

Judy Darley
23 Sept 2007

Go Ape! High Wire Forest Adventure
Mallards Pike Lake
Forest of Dean

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