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Pro Wrestling Chaos at Thornbury Leisure Centre 23rd July 2016

 Pro Wrestling Chaos at Thornbury Leisure Centre 23rd July 2016
When wrestling is done well it doesn’t matter whether you’re a hardcore fan or a first timer, it should be just as entertaining for all. Bristol based company Pro Wrestling Chaos is a perfect example of that. The competitors in the ring need to tell a story. To perform as if everyone in the building is seeing them for the first time because for the most part, they will be. From the top of the card to the bottom on Saturday night the Chaos performers succeeded in doing that, and put on some incredibly exciting and entertaining matches to boot.

Gideon and Ian Williams were up first and set the tone for the night. The only snag in an otherwise great opening bout was the finish, a double count out as the pair disappeared to the back. Not a hit with the crowd but for Chaos the perfect excuse to have the pair meet again sometime soon.

The other thing wrestling needs to have is a good guy and a bad guy, a basic concept perfectly showcased in the next match up between Jeckel and Mike Bird. The momentum only continued to build after that too as Damian Dunne squared off against Eddie Ryan.

Then came the halfway point and the highlight of the night. If you’re at all in to professional wrestling you will have probably heard of Will Ospreay. Highly regarded as one of the best wrestlers on the planet right now, and the other five men he shared the ring with on Saturday night only added to the incredible match up. Ospreay’s Swords of Lightning versus Project Lucha Underground. A match packed to the gills with high spots and moves that defy the laws of gravity and physics. If you weren’t a fully fledged fan before this match then you were once it reached its epic conclusion.

A very tough act to follow, but Wild Boar and Pete Dunne certainly gave it a good go in the next match for Boar’s King of Chaos championship. The six man tag was never going to be matched so it was a wise choice by both men and Chaos to go for something completely different. The penultimate match of the night came next between Big Grizzly and Jason ’Primate’ Prime. For as long as the business of professional wrestling has existed it has been associated with huge muscle bound men, and these two epitomised that stereotype.

Then it was time for the night’s main event. Former WWE star Chris Hero facing off against home grown Eddie Dennis. A rematch of an epic encounter the two had at Chaos a year ago, and the second instalment did not disappoint. Those unfamiliar with Hero’s work could be forgiven for judging the big man by his cover, but the heavyweight is as agile and breath taking inside and outside the ring as the cruiserweights half his size. Last year Dennis left with the win, this time around it was Hero that emerged victorious after delivering a beating so bad his opponent simply couldn’t continue. Dennis did have enough energy left however to challenge the victor to a rubber match, in a two out of three falls contest no less. They didn’t say where or when but count me in!

Not only is there a third and final showdown between Hero and Dennis to look forward to, but at a Chaos show in October former WWE stars Adam Rose and Hardcore Holly will be on the card. If all of that isn’t enough to tempt you to a Pro Wrestling Chaos show in the near future, I don’t know what is. The outfit play shows in and around Bristol on a regular basis and the some of the above stars and a whole host of others will be showcasing their talents. To find out when and where exactly Chaos will be performing just head here to their Facebook page:

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