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Torworth Court Four Pillars Hotel Twilight Evening Spa

Had enough of cold, wet, and gloomy winter weather? Worn to a frazzle by the constant demands of a stressful job, trying to balance it with an even more stressful home life? You need to take advantage of Tortworth Court’s latest invention – The Twilight Evening Spa Package, which encompasses everything you need to wind down and chill out of an evening with a view to making you bright-eyed and bushy tailed to face the endeavours of the next morning. Peels Spa has a variety of deliciously indulgent treatments, designed to smooth away your cares and give you that film star glow at the same time : facials, scalp massage, manicure or pedicure, aroma back massage, or a spot of dry flotation, choose any one of these 25 minute treatments, plus full use of the facilities of the Spa (including the swimming pool), and a two course supper in the Atrium Bistro to finish off.

After a hard day at work my shoulders had more knots than the SS Great Britain’s rigging so I chose the Decléor aroma back relief massage and after collecting my towel, robe and slippers, undressed in ladies changing room which is well equipped with hairdryers, mirrors, and tissues etc., so that you can put yourself back to a faultlessly groomed status afterwards. Wrapped in my fluffy robe, I set off for the treatment room past the saunas (hot and steamy), the swimming pool (blue and inviting) and side-stepped a rather hunky chap doing a pretty good Daniel Craig impression in a pair of Speedos.

Arriving at the treatment room I was looked after by the delightful Kayleigh, my beauty therapist for the evening, and I was impressed by the brevity of the usual preliminary health check form, having before attended spas where so troubled are they by litigation that some three-quarters of an hour later you are still wrestling with questions like “did your third cousin twice removed ever have a pimple or any kind of skin rash?”. So, declared quite fit to be massaged Kayleigh showed me into the cocoon of the treatment room, gently lit and perfumed by tea lights, light relaxing music tinkled in the background and I settled on the couch. Kayleigh began by rolling a warm hot water bottle over my back and legs to warm up the muscles and then began the massage which I had requested to be medium pressure. It was total bliss! I floated away on a cloud and forgot everything for the 25 minute duration and I can’t recommend this treatment highly enough as something which you will enjoy. I was very comfortable with Kayleigh who had a lovely calm and friendly couch-side manner.

Afterwards, I got dressed and met my dinner companion in the Atrium Bistro who complimented me on my relaxed glow which had been so absent at the beginning of the evening! A two course meal, plus a glass of wine is included in the Twilight Spa package and I lost no time in ordering chicken liver terrine, followed by fusilli pasta with Mediterranean vegetables and tomato dressing which I thought had a healthful sound about it. It was delicious, especially the chicken liver terrine, and just the thing to finish off the evening as it’s amazing how hungry you can get just lying on a couch!

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience, Peels Spa has great facilities and if you wish you can buy further treatments at £20 each to include in the package. The only downside I could find was that I would have preferred to end the evening by trotting upstairs to bed in one of Tortworth Court’s luxurious rooms but then I suppose you can’t have everything!

Jacquie Vowles

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