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Elvis Costello and The Imposters at the Colston Hall 17th of July 2016

 Elvis Costello and The Imposters at the Colston Hall
Grammy award winning Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Elvis Costello graced the stage of the Colston Hall this past Sunday evening. The performance by himself and his backing band The Imposters (rather than the band from his early career The Attractions) brought to a close the Colston Hall’s Americana weekend.

Costello is now 62 and has been around the horn a fair few times. The first time he addressed the crowd Sunday night he harked back to a distant memory of one of the first times he played Bristol back in 1978. All that being said you certainly would not have known Costello was north of 60 judging by his latest performance, the man and his band played a set that lasted a little over two hours. Everyone in attendance most definitely got their money’s worth.

They didn’t pace themselves either. As soon as Elvis and his imposters took to the stage the rockers broke in to a rendition of Pump It Up. The perfect start to the night that had the entire audience on their feet and mirroring the energy the band were showing up on stage. Watching the Detectives quickly followed and the night was well under way.

Elvis Costello is somewhat of a unique artist. One that has etched his name in music history by writing and playing songs with strong political messages, plenty of which were showcased at the Colston Hall on Sunday. Stations of the Cross plus newer tracks Face in the Crowd and American Mirror all played a part in the mammoth set and were greeted with as much love and enthusiasm as anything else the great man performed.

To say the show was breathless would be accurate, that’s not to say there wasn’t a period where Costello and co slowed the temp down a tad. The highlight of which being She, a track Costello openly joked that he and the band hate but would play it anyway since we seem to like it. He’s not wrong.

Then came the bumper-sized encore. We had already been treated to an absolute peppering of hits but rest assured there was plenty more to come. Diving for Pearls made sure that any signs the crowd were getting weary were firmly swept under the rug, closely followed by Alibi. Then came the big one, Oliver’s Army. Anyone in attendance who had dared to sit back down were brought right back up to their feet and the room felt like it was swaying. Peace Love and Understanding came after and brought the epic night and Americana weekend to a close to raptures of applause. A fantastic night and a great performance from a man who’s music and ideologies are as relevant now as they were when he started out over 40 years ago,

For more info on Elvis Costello and upcoming dates head to his site here and for information on what’s coming up at the Colston Hall head to their website here

Josh Coulson

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