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Katey Brooks Album Release Party Redgrave Theatre

Katey Brooks, Album Release Party Redgrave Theatre
Katey Brooks came to Bristol hot foot from London to release her new album ‘Revolute’. A singer songwriter she has a raw and heart-wrenching appeal, she takes no prisoners and follows no boundaries. Her soul is laid bare for the audience to share in her anger, angst and eventual acceptance of life the way it is. With the unusual background of being brought up in a cult, I would have liked to learn more about this as it has obviously shaped her music and personal views.

Supporting her to start the show, Ellis Jones a Bristol music student sang four or five of his own songs. Later on Katey said he reminded her of Hozier, we agreed and are sure we’ll be hearing more of this young man. Rosie, who is travelling with Katey and also singing with her band performed some songs of her own too, my particular favourite about a lying and cheating boyfriend which I’m sure resonated with most of the girls in the audience. Rosie has a childlike and innocent appeal well suited to her light-hearted catalogue of songs.

Katey Brooks filled the second half with her excellent band and amongst the set performed her single ‘All of Me’, a soulful ballad from the new album. We loved Jeramiah, a song about a weeping man written by Katey who then found out that Jeramiah is known as the weeping prophet – a strange piece of karma indeed. With an unplugged foray into the middle of the audience Katey performed The Sweetest Things, a haunting song about allowing yourself to let love go and sometimes the sweetest things pass you by. She’s a fine musician and certainly deserves the critical acclaim by her peers but is obviously most at home playing to a live audience sharing her special brand of soul, folk and blues. The songs are mature and tunefully graceful with a good mix of ballads and a bit of rock country thrown in. It was a great show and we hope to catch her next time she’s in Bristol.

Jacquie Vowles

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