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Lissie review at Thekla 25th July 2016

 Lissie review at Thekla 25th July 2016
In a world filled with singer-songwriters it really takes something, and someone, special to stand out from the crowd. Lissie is that someone, and she has that something. On Friday night she returned to Thekla, somewhere she can now really be considered a semi-regular. The Illinois native first played at the boat venue back in 2010 supporting fellow singer-songwriter Josh Radin and despite returning to Thekla numerous times has come a long way since then.

Being in a band is all well and good, but there is something extremely special about being able to perform on the level that Lissie does when everything you’d have in a band is stripped back. The only things accompanying the American on stage were her acoustic guitar and accompanying guitarist along with his electric guitar. When that’s the case the music has to be good, and the singing voice even better. Rest assured I can say with absolute confidence, Lissie has one of the best natural singing voices you will ever have the pleasure of hearing.

A singing voice that was showcased in all its glory from the off as she began the night with Hero. That was quickly followed by Further Away and already from that point on Lissie had a sold out Thekla hanging on to her every note, the majority of which were very impressive, bordering on unbelievable.

Having first been introduced to Lissie’s music at the aforementioned 2010 Thekla show, it baffles me that a woman with a voice like her’s hasn’t risen to stardom even more so than she has in the past six years. Especially when the most popular songs of the set seemed to be those that featured on her debut album Catching A Tiger all those years ago. The first of the night from said album being When I’m Alone, one of those tracks you can’t help but sing along to as even if you’ve not heard it before by the time the second chorus rolls around you’ll feel like you do.

Although the acoustic brand of rock Lissie brought with her to Thekla on Friday isn’t what you would consider fast-paced, midway through the set she still took the time to slow things down. New track Daughters followed by Oh Mississippi were both songs with real meaning to them. Meanings that Lissie took the time to explain to the crowd in order for us to connect to them in the same way that she does, and it felt like it worked.

As I mentioned before Lissie has somewhat if an incredible voice. Naturally that often leads her to challenge herself via various cover versions and tonight featured a very challenging one indeed. Eternal Flame by The Bangles. Obviously she nailed it and the long and high notes throughout the classic could have fooled a first time listener of the song in to thinking it was one of Lissie’s own.

The last track of the night came in the form of In Sleep, another hit from her Catching a Tiger debut so another song that went down a storm. Despite the set being almost an hour and a half long the time flew by and unfortunately for all of us in attendance was over before we knew it. For those who were there, and those who now feel like they missed out, fear not. Lissie revealed that later this year she will in fact be back in the UK. To keep up to date with when and where exactly that will be make sure to check her site which you can find right here:

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