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The new Suzuki Jimny 2019

Suzuki Jimny 2019
Punching above its weight...

When it comes to small yet functional 4x4s, Suzuki have form that stretches back long before the rise of the Jimny twenty years ago. This tiny thing turned out to be a surprisingly plucky little Goliath slayer, especially when the going got all rough and tumble up hill and down dale. In two decades the Jimny garnered a loyal following here in the UK and in many other markets.

For 2019 and onwards Suzuki has upped the stakes further all round whilst instantly creating a must-have mini classic, I’m certain. Such has been the response to the the car that in just a few short months demand has seen the waiting list stretch to two years, which is unheard of in this sector.

Crossovers and/or SUVs are pretty much most folk want these days, along with retro styled stuff like the Fiat 500 and MINI, in all its increasingly hideous guises. Most of the former are vanilla in their blandness but do what it says on the tin without a hint of passion, flair or excitement. But with the joyous little Jimny, Suzuki have hit the G-spot, partly by mimicking the twice as large Mercedes G-Wagon. It’s an instantly cool style statement without being in any way pretentious. Honest and friendly... how’s that? You’ll never be proffered the middle finger when biffing hither and yon in this little hector. I experienced only warm smiles, blown kisses and paths opened up at junctions. The warmth of affection from fellow road users - usually utter, utter bastards - gave me a pleasant tingle.

Now, just by looking at the accompanying photographs you’ll note that this is no middle white line snorting, asphalt rippling or tyre mangling road burner. Obviously. I mention this because some wonk at Wot Pedal?, or some such boring magazine, described a lack of acceleration, too much NVH and body roll when turning at speed. FFS, as they say. Talk about missing the bleeding point. That’s a bit like the motoring correspondent on Sheep Shaggers’ Monthly grumbling about the Lamborghini Aventador’s inability to carry bales of straw.

The new Jimny is propelled by a gutsy normally aspirated 1.5 litre four-pot petrol only motor (up 200cc on the outgoing model) which is good for 100bhp and 95 lb ft twist. Sixty comes up eventually and at around 95mph it gives up the battle with the elements, whilst still feeling stable and comfortably in control. Given its light weight, you might think that 35mpg was on the thirsty side, yet it’s a figure I actually achieved in a week’s worth of real world motoring.

There is the option of a four-speed automatic gearbox, but I’m informed that not many peeps want that. The five-cog manual is a more natural choice for this kind of tool. However, I did find my left fist occasionally reaching for a non-existent sixth gear on a run. But, it’s got a proper transfer shifter which will give you four-wheel-drive at up to sixty. You will have to stop before engaging the diff lock, or else it may spit its nuts out. And once you’ve done all that, you can go green laning with all the badass big boys and dare them to kick sand in your face.

Inside the top spec it’s all blue teeth, sat navvy and sound systemy. Clever spacial design means every cubic inch is utilised in this funky fun box (steady, Ed). The surfaces look sturdy and washable, important after your dirty weekend. Rear seats down and you’ll even have room for a couple of straw bales for whatever.

Look out for a plethora of awards coming the Jimny’s way.
I’d love one, but given the waiting know, green bananas and that.

Suzuki Jimny - from £15499. As driven £18,429

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