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Maza Café And Grill, Queen’s Road, Bristol Review 22 November 2017

 Maza Café And Grill Bristol
The rather cute little building shoehorned in beside the Victoria Rooms on Queen’s Road has been a restaurant as long as I can remember but after having been closed for a while, a new venture has settled there in the shape of the Maza Café and Grill. This may be a featherweight for space but packs a heavyweight punch in offering all things to everyone; it’s a café during the day cooking up full English breakfasts and serving good organic coffee and choice of teas. For lunch and in the evening you’ll find the best peri peri chicken in town, succulent steaks from well-sourced and aged beef, and burgers made up to you own requirements.

They should shout about their student discount and as they don’t have an alcohol licence you can bring your own which is a great way to keep within your going out budget for the week. We called in for an early supper determined to try the peri peri chicken which comes in all shapes and sizes, including choosing your own chilli heat which we thought was great as although we love all things spicy we don’t want our heads blown off!

We decided on a sharing platter with 10 wings, six strips, and chicken quarters served with rice, chips and salad which is designed to serve two or three people and sounded humungous. We asked if we could have a slightly smaller version which was no problem and after perusing the chilli menu which ranged from at one end of the scale Mexican – very hot like tackling a ferociously fiery cactus – down to Portuguese – mild, and as cool as Renaldo, we thought Renaldo was definitely the man for us. The burgers looked good too and you can choose your bun, brioche or sesame, then the meat, beef, lamb, chicken or vegetarian patty, and lastly sauces, onion rings and a myriad of other toppings.

Our peri peri platter arrived served on a dish as long as the table piled with delicious crisp and succulent chicken pieces, mountains of chips and a good portion of salad; a meal which would keep you going for a week! We loved the chicken; it was gloriously spiced with just the right amount of mild chilli and a delicious lemony aftertaste. Agreeing that it was indeed the best chicken in town we made a pact to call again to try a steak next time!

Jacquie Vowles

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