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Jethro, The Playhouse Theatre, Weston Review 18th January 2017

Jethro, The Playhouse Theatre, Weston Review 18th January 2017 
You can always tell when something is a sell out at The Playhouse in Weston as suddenly parking is at a premium and although we were wise virgins and arrived early, we had the last space in the car park. The reason for this was, of course, for one night only our national treasure of comedy, Jethro, was bringing his unique brand of Cornish humour to Somerset.

The house was packed and I was delighted to see that the love of Jethro’s silly stories was being passed down the generations because there were many younger people in the audience, as well as his devoted fans from the 1970s still up for a bit of bawdy but harmless humour. As an extra bonus, Jethro brings with him on tour the talented singer and guitar player, Shaun Perry, an enduring partnership that has lasted almost twenty years so they must share the same sense of humour.

Shaun Perry opened the show with some great singing and then the master of comic timing ambled on to begin by telling us he’d had a really terrible Christmas. Actually he didn’t quite put it like that, and produced gales of laughter, the first of many. He is out of the Tommy Cooper mould in that he doesn’t really have to say anything and people start to titter; politically incorrect, near the knuckle, there is no hallowed subject that is left aside in the quest of laughter, and by gum does he gets it in spades. At the end of the first half, we were weak and dabbing our eyes with handkerchiefs in need of at least an ice-cream to sustain as for the second half.

Jethro is no difficult and reclusive performer but rather a charmer – during the interval he happily strolled among the punters posing for photographs and chatting, for all the world as if he were having a jolly night out himself. We enjoyed the second half just as much, and although we had seen the show around six months ago there was quite a bit of fresh material to tickle our funny bones.

It was a great show, well rounded by the input of Shaun Perry and his talents, together with Jethro’s own musical interludes – as always he sung The Rugged Cross and that good old Irish song, Maggie, just to have a serious moment. We loved it and will be keeping an eye out for his next visit to the Playhouse Theatre.

Jacquie Vowles

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