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Scroobius Pip Q and A at Rise 10th August 2016

On Wednesday night I had the pleasure of attending a Q&A session hosted by musician, writer, podcaster and spoken word extraordinaire Scroobius Pip. The Essex native is currently touring the UK promoting his new book, Distraction Pieces. Wednesday saw Pip bring the tour to Rise record store up in Clifton.

It’s a rather unique thing that Pip is currently doing on this latest tour. Basically those who pre-ordered his new book, which is officially released on the 11th of August, were granted entry to this exclusive Q&A. Every single stop on the book tour has sold out, so not only a unique idea but clearly a very popular and successful one.

It wasn’t your standard question and answer session either. Rather than the impersonal, as Pip described it, passing around of a microphone, our host invited willing members of the audience to join him on stage and effectively interview him. Some great questions from some confident crowd members really made for an interesting evening. The topics ranged from pizza to teaching to mental health. A lot of bases covered during the 90 or so minutes.

As you may have gathered from the introduction above Scroobius Pip is somewhat of a multimedia mogul. Many try their hand at the numerous platforms available to them nowadays but few have had as much success across the board as Pip has, and continues to have. He may have begun his career as a musician but now it’s impossible to pin the man down to one specific outlet. Of course this latest trip around the UK revolves around his book, but the book revolves around Pip’s highly successful podcast.

The book cherry picks some great moments from Pip’s two years of podcasting, as well as giving aspiring podcasters some handy hints and tips on how to get in to the business themselves, a topic that cropped up a lot on Wednesday evening. He described the whole process of listening to podcasts as a ’beautifully passive conversation’. Something I couldn’t agree with more. There are quite literally thousands of podcasts out there covering any topic imaginable and for the most part listening to the same ones on a regular basis has you feeling like you know the hosts and that you’re a part of the conversation each week.

Scroobius Pip is the living embodiment of people having to adapt and grow to survive in the limelight today. As Pip said himself when he started doing music podcasts didn’t even exist. Now though it’s a major part of his life and he is one of the leading podcasters in the UK. There aren’t many with their fingers in as many pies as Pip and because of that no matter what you’re in to the man probably is a part of something you’d enjoy. In particular I’d urge you to delve in to the archives of his podcast, Distraction Pieces. Pip has had any number of guests on the show and covered any number of topics so there is almost certainly something for everyone.

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