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Jack and the Beanstalk at the Theatre Royal Bath Review 15th December 2015

The traditional pantomime Jack and the Beanstalk has been revived with a modern twist to provide great family entertainment at the Theatre Royal in Bath, a theatre that takes pantomime seriously!

Their adaptation of Jack and Beanstalk is one to behold. Along the way there are some fantastic song-and-dance numbers, enough in-jokes to keep the adults happy and a brilliant coup de theatre in the shape of the Giant Blunderbore, a lumbering 15ft hulk with an enormous head and staring eyes, whose sheer size is genuinely startling. “He’s real, isn’t he?” said the five-year-old with me. “Yes,” I agreed.
Jack is played by David Barrett who, alongside Simple Simon played by Jon Monie, instantly builds up a rapport with the audience and has a nice line in gags that blends humour old and new.

The beautiful Princess Jill is played by Sarah Louise Day, who is also responsible for choreographing the pantomime. Youngsters from the Dorothy Coleborn School of Dance, who always dance fantastically, and are also an integral part of the show.

What pantomime is not complete without a villain and this year the villain is played by no other than Nigel Havers. Nigel certainly brings some tongue in cheek humour to the role and with the audience participation of the traditional booing and hissing he took it very well. The wife also said he looked very good in velvet...... I could not possibly comment.

The sets are simple but create a convincing illusion of scale and depth, and much effort has been put into costumes and props, making it a constantly changing, very colourful spectacle.

The pantomime at the Theatre Royal provides fantastic entertainment for all the family and judging by my children’s reaction when we came out and the huge grin on their faces this really is one not to be missed.

Nikki Cook

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