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Kernow King review 20th June 2016 at the Colston Hall

Kernow King review 20th June 2016 at the Colston Hall 
Cornish comedian Kernow King ventured out of the Duchy and up to Bristol this past Monday night with his latest show, Minority Rapport. The King’s first show at the Colston Hall, and it was a roaring success. If you’re a stranger to KK’s brand of comedy and assume it’s not your cup of tea because you’ve no link to Conrwall, think again.

Don’t get me wrong, a large chunk of the material is Cornwall-based. Kernow King began the show by giving those in attendance the opportunity to yell out where any of us from his home county hail from exactly. On the other side of the coin entirely however the first audience member to garner KK’s attention was one from Chile. You don’t get much further from Cornwall than that.

The show itself took place in The Lantern within the Colston Hall. An intimate part of the famous venue, but that intimacy played right in to the hands of Kernow King’s show. The audience interaction mentioned above played a big part throughout the show. From finding out where we all hail from to a fully fledged quiz in the second half of the show, the grand prize for which was a pasty which I’m still bitter about not winning.

Although an extremely light-hearted show, as I spoke about in my interview with Kernow King before the show (which you can find here) as with most of us the EU referendum is a hot topic with the comedian at the moment. For the most part KK made light of many Cornish peoples’ views on the whole situation, but at times did hark towards the fact that has never felt so disconnected from the county he loves so much.

It is in fact where the show’s title, Minority Rapport, comes from. The very true observation that being proud of where you come from is somewhat of an odd feeling to have. It’s a part of your life that you have absolutely no part or no say in, yet people pride themselves on it. Stereotypically the Cornish are more well known for this than most, and it’s exactly that from which Kernow King has pulled a lot of his latest material.

The highlight of the show for me was the discovery of the term ’Trans-Kernow’. It’s effectively the feeling many people get when they’re not from Cornwall, but wish that they were. Having lived in Cornwall for ten years growing up it’s a feeling I often felt myself and one I’m sure many of you who have ventured down that way can also relate to.

Although some jokes will be ultimately lost on those in attendance who don’t have links to Cornwall, for the most part Kernow King does an impeccable job of making sure everyone at the show is very much included. Extremely Cornish in-jokes such as the state of Trago Mills may be a mystery to you at first, but rest assured it will be explained. When The King does venture back up this way I urge you to give him a try, whether you’ve got Cornish roots or not. It’s a great show from a great guy that will have you laughing from start to finish and have you experiencing your very own symptoms of feeling Trans-Kernow.

Be sure to head here for everything Kernow King and to keep an eye on when the Cornishman is next in Bristol.

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