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8 Sion Place

Tel: 0117 9739617

cori Tap

Welcome to the world-famous Coronation Tap

Situated in Clifton village, a stone’s throw from Brunel’s magnificent Suspension Bridge, The CoriTap (as we’re familiarly known) is also a major attraction.

The legendary, centuries-old Coronation Tap is the only ciderhouse in Clifton village, and one of Bristol’s oldest purveyors of the West Country’s traditional tipple – cider! A traditional and incredibly popular venue with a brilliant atmosphere where everybody’s welcome, it’s a magnet for locals and internationals alike; its global reputation is phenomenal!

And, a new word has evolved in ‘Bristol speak’ - “CORRIED” - which, loosely translated, means to have had a good time here and enjoyed what we have to offer!

Cori Tap

CIDER: We have a great selection of appley gems for you to choose from, including the infamous "EXHIBITION". Brewed exclusively for us, you just won’t get it anywhere else on the planet!

And we take our cider very seriously! It’s been around since at least Saxon times when, to ensure a good crop of apples, the custom of wassailing (from the Old English "wes hal" - be of good health) was practised. Cider-soaked pieces of bread were placed in apple tree branches; cider itself was poured over the roots to encourage good spirits, and bonfires were lit to frighten off evil spirits. This tradition still takes place in some areas of the West Country today.

Our staff will help you decide if you’re not sure which cider is for you, and all our ciders are available as take-aways.

Cori Tap

MUSIC: We also take our live music seriously. We’re the most popular gigs venue in Clifton, and a real fixture in Bristol’s vibrant music scene; for two years running we’ve reached the UK Music Pub of the Year finals promoted by The Publican and sponsored by the Performing Right Society. Okay, so we’re not the biggest venue, it’s up close and personal here – but what we lack in size, we more than make up for with quality and amazing musicianship. Check our websites for info on what’s coming up including our 2-day CoriFEST, a weekend extravaganza taking place inside and out where you can eat, drink and be merry listening to sensational bands!

cori tap

OFF TAP: And, if you’re hosting a party, ball, or corporate event - why not consider a CoriTap Cider Bar/Marquee? Call or email to find out more.

Intrigued? Then join us for The CoriTap experience! We look forward to seeing you!