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Indian Rassasy Hotwells Road Review 7th January 2019

Indian Rassasy 
I hear tell that the word “rassasy” is a 15th century word meaning to satisfy hunger with a great meal; I’m not sure this if this is why the name was chosen for this lovely little restaurant as I forgot to ask on account of the fact that I was deeply involved in being satisfied by a great meal at the time! The Indian Rassasy is a brand new project on Hotwells Road and already has been embraced by the local community : we were there one month after it’s opening and they were already welcoming back regular diners.

Unpretentious and simply fitted out in cool blues with a beautiful hand-painted mural covering the back wall, the restaurant is calm and comfortable. We liked that the fact that the menu was reassuringly short compared to many other Indian restaurants giving you the nod that everything is freshly cooked to order and as we discovered, nothing but top quality ingredients are used.

We chose to order the set menu which contained all our favourites, and also to try one of the dishes from speciality main courses, Dakshin duck, a south Indian recipe of roasted duck breast simmered in caramelised onions, tomato and red peppers with a smooth coconut milk sauce. There was no problem with this, the staff are friendly and informative and their aim is to accommodate your every wish, even if you appear like a greedy diner.
Indian Rassasy 

The starter was truly delicious, Haryali chicken tikka and tandoori roasted lamb chops, beautifully served on slates and very worthy of a photograph – but even better to eat. The lamb chops were so good my husband set about gnawing the bones and if the waiter was startled at such behaviour he didn’t show it and merely quietly produced a finger bowl at his elbow.

The main course comprising butter chicken masala, lamb rogan josh, chole masala (chickpeas), pulao rice, and butter naan, plus the Dakshin duck was a feast fit for a king. I began with the butter chicken, tender and creamy and loved the Dakshin duck with its velvety coconut sauce. My husband’s favourite was the lamb rogan josh, spiced to perfection and the light and fluffy naans so good for mopping up the sauces – we appeared to be running out of pulao rice and a further bowl was offered at just the right moment.

To finish, only I could manage the dessert, a wonderfully creamy kheer (a sort of rice pudding to the uninitiated) flavoured delicately with cardamom and served in pretty glass. Patting his pockets looking for a toothpick my husband found a dish of them had appeared on the table before he could ask and so ended our delightful meal.

Jacquie Vowles 
Indian Rassasy 

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