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New Moon On The Quay, Hannover Quay, Bristol

 New Moon _on the Quay
The menu is changed each new moon to showcase a different country; how neat is that? In our case our visit was on the last day of the phase for Bulgaria, and we chose two hearty dishes from that country, Monastery Kavarma, a three meat casserole of pork, chicken and beef with baby onions and red wine, and a Chicken Spindle, stuffed chicken breast with smoked cheese, ham and gherkins, wild mushrooms, red wine sauce and potato purée. From the everyday menu we took baked camembert, Prosecco, pink peppercorns with chilli figs, herb crostini and celery sticks, and aubergine rolls stuffed with goat’s cheese, sun dried tomatoes, and walnut and basil mousse, and who could resist the patatas bravas (crispy fried potatoes) – not us!

Our friendly and informative waitress guided us through the order and said that they recommend around three dishes each as the optimum depending on what you order, and we could always choose something else as we went along if the mood took us. Unlike almost every other tapas restaurant, we were impressed that this one knows how to do it and serves each dish as it is ready, which means nothing is left to get cold.

I really enjoyed the aubergine rolls which we began with, and the baked camembert which followed was marvellous (especially the chilli figs); we wiped clean the bowl with the crusty herb crostini and settled back with a satisfied sigh with a glass of red wine apiece, Shiraz for me, Rioja for him. The two Bulgarian dishes really hit the spot, the chicken spindle was delightful, and the three meat casserole rich and full of flavour.

The dessert menu comes in a small picture frame and we shared a double chocolate no bake cheesecake with Kahlua and Amaretto, finishing off with an excellent double espresso. We loved the whole experience; the atmosphere was beguiling and all the dishes were worthy of much more than being just tapas and were excellent value for money.

Jacquie Vowles

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